Quiverstore offers you cheapest price you can ever see anywhere

Quiver store

We are your every time, every day accessible fabric, clothing and fashion brand. We deal in all kinds of fabric, hand bags amongst others.

1. Unlike other fabric and fashion brand, we have a wide scope and an active social media setting. All you need to do is to click in one of these links instagram.com/quiverstore or facebook.com/quiverstore and choose any product you’re interested in, send us a message and in no time it’d be in your doorstep

2. Our prices are unbeatable. Yes! We pride in that, you’ll not see any place cheaper!🙂

3. We offer free delivery! Wherever you are nationwide, we get the product for you free of charge. Awesome right!🙂

4. Are you to busy to get a tailor to sew for you? We also got you covered, select the fabric you want, send us a message with your measurements and we’d sew it for you into your desired style.

5. Trust is our lifestyle, you get exactly what you select, no compromise.

6. We have marketing opportunities for those with marketing abilities, you can partner with us, advertise our products and get percentage per sale.

Make them quiver with quiver store!🙂

…easy access to elegance!


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