Save and slay

Man’s basic needs are food, clothing and shelter. Lack and strandedness manifests as a result of inability to portion your resources proportionally to these needs. Some go on to confuse their needs with their wants. If you keep getting things you want at the expense of things you need, soon you’ll start selling things you need. As an income earner, you should always come prepare a financial plan preferably before your income arrives (because we’re always more articulated to plan when we’re not with the money yet😌).
Planning shouldn’t make you a miser, once your income arrives
1. Transfer out a particular percentage (at least 25%) to another bank account without a debit card

2. Write a list of all the things you’ll be needing according to priority (you can do this by calculating the consequences of not satisfying a particular need e.g if I don’t subscribe this month what will be the consequences, this will help you know what really is important)

3. Buy at least one clothing accessory, keep adding to your wardrope. Slay on budget.

Wear a barrister wig and you’ll be called a barrister, put on a stethoscope and you’ll be called doctor, dress nicely and you’ll be addressed nicely.

From the stables of quiver store
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