Hypocrites (Poem by Oh_cee)


I’d rather not be
Than be that mother at the end
Preaching love and grace
Oh how she loves God’s face
But to forgive a brother would take years

I’d rather not speak
Than speak of the evils of corruption
The cons of greed and manipulation
Then give out my vote for a couple green notes

I’d rather not hear
Than hear of the mistreatment of the masses
The cases of embezzlement and social injustice
And still fold my arms, sigh and do nothing.

I’d rather just exist
Than be a political activist
A model, a social innovator and pacifist
That beats his wife and neglects his kids

I’d rather not be like them
Beauty on the outside, grime within
Two-tongued Ghandis,
With their hypocritical sins.

By Michael

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