10 Things Lazy Girls Find Themselves Constantly Doing

1) Spending a ridiculous amount of time looking for a hair tie because you’ve lost them all.

2) And then having to either twist your hair in a makeshift bun and pray it stays, or use something terrible like a rubber band or pen to keep your hair up.

3) Using your floor as a wardrobe because you never bother to fold and put away your clothes.

4) Stripping off as soon as you get home and flinging your worn clothes across your room.

5) Thus getting them confused with the clean pile of clothes you also have on your floor.

6) Thinking to yourself “I’ll do it later” about one simple thing like putting your body lotion back in its place.

7) That one simple thing turning into twenty simple things, and suddenly having shit everywhere and feeling overwhelmed by how much needs tidying.

8) Lying on your bed for an eternity after a 5-minute shower, staring aimlessy into space.

9) Never wanting to actually move from the sofa after getting comfy, but needing to wee or get a drink, so debating it endlessly.

10) Using one arm and doing things you didn’t know were humanly possible to try and reach something far away without having to get up from your position


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