Nigerian Man Imprisoned For Raping A Sleep-Walking lady In UK

A rapist who attacked a 19-year-old woman when she sleep-walked into her kitchen faces jail. Jordan Adewale, 23, raped his victim at her home in Burnham, near Slough in England in February 2017.

Reading Crown Court heard the woman had invited friends to her house but later went to bed and fell asleep.

She then sleep-walked to her kitchen, where she was attacked by Adewale while asleep.

She woke during the attack and alerted her friends, who called the police, leading to Adewale’s arrest.

He denied the woman’s claims but was convicted of rape by a majority jury verdict after forensic evidence proved what he had done.

Following his conviction, Thames Valley Police’s Detective Constable Richard Bazeley said: ‘Adewale preyed on a sleeping victim for his own sexual gratification and raped her while she was not conscious.

He refused to admit his crime to the police or to the courts, despite the evidence against him, and he traumatised his victim not only during the offence, but also by making her go through the ordeal of a trial.

‘The jury did not believe him and Adewale was rightly convicted of rape.

‘I hope that this conviction gives victims the confidence that they will be believed when reporting such offences and we treat them all seriously. Our officers will always investigate these reports thoroughly.’I would like to thank the victim for her immense bravery in going through the court process, and extend these thanks to all of the witnesses, who, when called upon, came forward and did the right thing by giving evidence.’

Adewale will be sentenced on April 26.


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