Only The Good Die Young- Top 5 Celebrity Deaths That Shook The World

“Some are bound to die young, By dying young a person stays young in people’s memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time” – Unknown.

The quote above amply summarizes the reason behind this post. The fact that almost every person has at one time or the other lost someone to the cold grips of death has no need for statistical backings. We are all stakeholders in the loss market. Some losses are personal, while some are widespread. There are losses that leave a vacuum in population, in time, in space, in continuum, in politics, in music, entertainment, sport, you name them, and most especially in memory- and like one of my favorite poets, Wana Wana Udobang once said in one of her poems- ‘memory has an interesting way of refusing to leave’.

I will be making a drive through of 5 celebrity deaths that got to me and I am sure got to you too. Their death left a pang in my being, left a hole, I still miss them and I know you miss one or all of them too.

After going through their stories, you may want to leave a comment on which death hurt you the most.

1. Dagrin

Dagrin’s death dug deep, and also caused me a lot of pain.He had impactful music, he was to Nigeria what TuPac was to the whole world at a time- speaking truth, defining and redefining the everyday struggle of ordinary Nigerians, spitting  revolution in the face of the corrupt- Dagrin’s music was full of life and was mostly inspirational.

His story helped me understand that anyone can rise from the gutters to the upper echelon, could move from being a street kid to walking the corridors of power, he also taught me that success shouldn’t accommodate pride. That no matter how far you grow, you can never run away from your roots. Today, I am an almost accomplished spokenword poet because of Dagrin and I still follow his teachings.

He died as a result of a car crash. Life wasn’t the same for the weeks that followed after as every industry professional paid their respect to Dagrin.

It’s so sad to see someone talented go to rest at an early age. We will forever miss Akogun 😢

2. 2pac Shakur

Highly successful, one of the most famous artists the world has ever witnessed died a very fatal death when he was shot on September 1996 in a drive by shooting.

The reason I chose this picture is because it reminds me of one of his very heavy, depth-ridden punchlines- “real eyes realize real lies”

Just like Dagrin, 2pac’s music was all about his community, advancing the black culture in the US, but unfortunately he was assassinated at age 25.

His death was a traumatic one for the blacks in the US 😢

3. Micheal Jackson

In 2008 when Michael Jackson died, we all thought it was a rumor again being peddled by bloggers. But when it seemed real, for some weeks, the music community was thrown into grief and arguments erupted on who exactly was capable of replacing him.

Many mentioned Neyo, Chris Brown and even Usher but till now, we still haven’t found a worthy replacement.

Records like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Liberian Girl’ will never have a replacement. Not even Bruno Mars can fill in the vacuum.

4. Goldie

Susan Oluwabimpe “Goldie” Filani Harvey once referred to as Nigeria’s Lady Gaga, Goldie was the most prominent female singer in her time. If you’re thinking of Tiwa Savage, Tiwa was still an upcoming artist then.

We loved Goldie then because we thought her pop style was different from the usual. But then, in a rumor that eventually developed into actual news, Goldie died on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Autopsy revealed she died of hypertensive heart disease 😢

5. Fela

Leader of the Kalakuta Republik, an Icon, Legend and a Pacesetter. Fela is probably Nigeria’s most famous artist even in his death.

Thousands of artistes worldwide reference Fela a lot in their songs. Fela’s Music centered on the people and the bad acts of the government. Regrettably, Fela died of complications related to AIDS at the age of 58.

His death shocked everyone and no doubt, Nigeria lost a rare gem 😢

Guys, these celebrities while they were alive all impacted lives in one way or the other and it was sad to see them exit this world.

Between Fela, Dagrin, Micheal Jackson, Tupac & Goldie’s deaths, Which Hurt You Most?

Leave a comment below, thanks

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