37 year old Man murders boss’s wife after getting sacked

A 37-year old driver, Morenikeji Adeyemi, Friday said he killed his boss’s wife, Oyewumi Ayanwale, because his boss sacked him for no reason after four years of working with him.

“I was hurt when my boss sacked me. That time, my wife just had her baby and because there was no income anymore, we lost the baby,” Adeyemi said while being paraded by the Oyo State police command in Ibadan.

“My boss’s wife had once told me about her spiritual challenges, and I had promised to take her to a place for prayers,” he added.

He was able to lure the victim under the guise of taking her for prayers at a place along Awe/Oyo road.

“We took her car and along the way, she said she was pressed, so, she went into the bush, I followed her and strangulated her by the river in the bush,” Adeyemi confessed.

Adeyemi, who was arrested by the Anti-Kidnapping squad of the Police Headquarters, Ibadan, said he was hurt when his boss sacked him.

Oyo State police commissioner, Shina Olukolu, who paraded the suspect at the command headquarters in Ibadan said the suspect was arrested at Sango Ota in Ogun state where he had relocated to after committing the crime.

By Michael

1 reply on “37 year old Man murders boss’s wife after getting sacked”

not nice! Why will the boss fire the young man for no reason after working with him for four years, if it was up to me I wouldn’t not advice to kill his wife but fraustrate his life and make his life miserable. I think you went too far by killing his wife and you should be PUNISHED for that!


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