Man Arrested for R*ping Young Girl Confesses That He Didn’t Penetrate

A 45-year Old man, Celestine Onwusonye, has been nabbed in Lagos for purportedly driving his joystick into the rear-end of a 10-year old young lady so as to fulfill his sexual want.

police arrest man

It was gathered that Onwusonye tricked the unfortunate casualty into his condo, evacuated her gasp and entered her butt in the wake of scouring a sex improving cream on his joystick for simple entrance.

Notwithstanding, because of the measure of his masculinity, he harmed the injured individual all the while and caused portion in her private part. The unfortunate casualty who was in torments uncovered the end result for her folks who did not trifle with the issue. The issue was accounted for to the police at Isokoko Division; the suspect was captured and kept at the station for cross examination.

Notwithstanding, the police discovered him blamable and charged him under the watchful eye of Ogba Magistrates Court for rape. The Court did not take his request after the examiner, Inspector Christopher John, told the Court that the issue be alluded to the DPP for guidance.

In this way, the Presiding Magistrate, Mr. Subside Nwaka, requested him to be remanded in jail care without an alternative of safeguard. The Court likewise guided the examiner to copy the document and send to the DPP for exhortation.

It was assembled that Onwusonye might be charged for assault if the DPP discovers him at fault and he might be attempted at the High Court.

In the event that he is attempted and found blameworthy, he may go through quite a long while in jail for the supposed offense.

The issue was suspended till third June, 2019, for report of the DPP to be prepared.


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