List Of Actresses That Eats Sh*t To Make Money In Dubai.

Actors Guild Board trying to sanction actress Tonto Dikeh for revealing deep dirty secrets about her ex-husband, Churchill, as loud and vulgar as she is, has rained insults on the President of Nigeria Actors Guild, Prince Ifeanyi Dike.

Tonto Dikeh replying Prince Ifeanyi Dike over a possible sanction asked him to sanction those Nigerian actresses who travel to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to eat sh*t of rich old men for money as well as those pushing hard drugs because they are really the problem in the Nigerian movie industry.

I hope this fastens your sanction from your board!!
Stupid fool you have not sanctioned the actresses going to dubia to open their mouths for old men to poop inside or the ones pushing drugs!!
Oga shove it up your Ass nigga
If only there was an EMOJI FOR WAKA
THANKS, she wrote.

From what Tonto Dikeh wrote, it’s not only in Ghana that some actresses travel to Dubai to eat sh*t of rich old men (Porta Potty) for millions but it’s happening in Nigeria as well.

Tonto Dikeh for the past few weeks has been in the news for tagging her ex-husband as a ‘Yahoo boy’ ─ what’s popularly referred to in Ghana as ‘Sakawa’ and a 40 seconds man when it comes to making love.

It seems Tonto isn’t relenting anytime soon.


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