Car smuggling: Berger Motor Dealers go tough on offending members

A cross section of dealers

By Ebuka Oko

Following accusations of smuggling and refusal to pay duty on vehicles sold at its garages, the United Berger Motors Dealers Association, UBMDA, have taken strong measures against members involved in such practices.

To this end, the association have agreed that any member who sold smuggled vehicles to an unsuspecting buyer would be made to either replace such vehicle with original documents or refund back the buyer’s money.

The Association explained that smuggling affects the nation’s economy negatively.

Making this known in an exclusive chat with theVanguard Maritime Report, President of the UBMDA, Metche Nnadiekwe, said the union is set to penalize those dealing in smuggled cars with fake documents,  tarnishing the image of the association and causing a setback in the process of doing legitimate business by members.

Metche said,  “If you go now to buy a vehicle, and the border is closed, how do you get the documents? And if with no documents you sell it to somebody and the person got arrested, because nowadays, Customs are everywhere. So it takes a very stupid and crazy person to do those things”

“If you sell a vehicle with such level of fake documents, if the customs seize it, you will either give the buyer the money or another vehicle. So, what is the sense there? There is no sense there. So, anytime the government gives instruction, if you disobey, you will go in for it. Car smuggling is a huge crime and we cannot encourage or be part of it” he concluded.

By Michael

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