“Juventus Signs A Top Class Defender From PSG” – ‘The Sign Up Will Shock You’

Italian champions, Juventus have concluded the signing of Adrien Rabiot on a free exchange from Paris Saint-Germain after running down his agreement at the French club.

The 24-year-old French midfielder put pen to paper on an arrangement allegedly worth £6.2million every year in addition to rewards and a £9m sign-up fee.

Rabiot, who was put in a state of banishment in Paris after declining to focus on another deal said on Tuesday:

‘The last few months have been complicated both from a sporting and personal level, but today I am ready to leave everything behind and begin a new adventure.’

Rabiot had been connected with various clubs around Europe, including Manchester United, however selected to move to Juventus subsequent to conceding Gianluigi Buffon and the bait of playing with Cristiano Ronaldo persuaded him.

He added: ‘Now was the right time for me to come here, and that’s why I’m here. I have to tell you that in the past season I talked a lot to Gigi.

‘We had the opportunity to talk and he gave me lots of suggestions and advice. Of course, we talked a lot about Juventus, he knows the team and club very well.

‘Obviously he was the best person I could talk to about this. His opinion matters a lot to me because Gigi is a person I had a great season with, also from a personal point of view as he is a friend of mine, so certainly he played a role too.

‘He told me lots of interesting things about Juventus, that if I wanted to make further progress in my career, they would be the best way to achieve that.

Certainly, they have a great added value compared to other clubs, so I took this advice very seriously.

‘I often listened to him because he offered great advice. He made me think [about Juve] carefully and was persuasive. 

‘Ronaldo is also a great champion, as are many others, so obviously that played a role in my decision too.’

By Michael

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