Top 5 strange tribal rituals

Understand that these body modifications were done even before you were born.

Top 5 strange tribal rituals (Answersafrica)

Top 5 strange tribal rituals (Answersafrica)

Here are five of the

Understand that these body modifications were done even before you were born. These people are representative of humanity’s most extreme.

1. Extreme Tattooing, Papua New Guinea

The tribes of Papua New Guinea’s Tufi region don’t mess around when it comes to body ink.

Though Scarification is done all over the world, it is practised heavily by the Sepik River tribes in Papua New Guinea.


Young men are held down on a bed of bamboo leaves and intricately marked (over 450 cuts) on their backs as a form of rite of passage, men to boys or marks of social status.


The Korafe is also known throughout the country for one of the most extreme tribal traditions on the planet: facial tattoos. A rite of passage solely reserved for adolescent girls, the painful custom is believed to be as old as the local creation myth.

2. Circumcision rites, The Zulu tribes in South Africa


Zulu teenage boys have to undergo a circumcision rite to become men. These boys will be abducted and then taken to a secret place that can only be accessed by elderly women who bring them food and drinks. They are then covered in white dust before being allowed to use sharp blades or rocks to circumcise themselves.


As a result, most of them generally end up having disfigured genitals; and some even die during the process. The wounds are normally treated and dressed using animal waste and may take up to four months before these boys are completely healed.

3. Bullet Ant Glove, The Amazon tribe

For the Satere-Mawe tribe of the Amazon, you can’t become a man if you don’t take part in this ritual. When a young boy becomes sexually mature he goes out into the jungle with the Medicine man and other boys his age to find and gather bullet ants. The insect with the most painful sting in the world. The sting from these ants has been compared to a bullet hitting the flesh.


While the ants are sleeping in a drug-induced state, they are placed into a woven mesh glove with the stinger on the inside. When the ants wake up they find themselves trapped and become very angry and aggressive. The boys must put on the gloves and keep them on for about ten minutes while they do a dance to take their mind off the pain.


4. Burial Ritual, Yanomami

Funeral rituals for dead relatives are very important in Yanomami tribe, Venezuela and Brazil, the people of this tribe want to ensure peace for the souls of a dead person.

When a Yanomami dies, his body is burned. The ash and bone powder is mix into a plantain soup. His people then drink the plantain soup consisting of the dead person’s ash and bone. They believe that by ingesting the remains of a loved one, his spirit will live within them forever.

5. Finger Cutting of Ndani Tribe

The Ndani tribe are the indigenous people of the Baliem Valley in West Papua, New Guinea. The members of this tribe cut off their fingers as a way of displaying their grief at funeral ceremonies. Along with amputation, they also smear their faces with ashes and clay, as an expression of sorrow.


When a person in the tribe passes away, relatives will cut off their fingers and bury it together with the dead body.

Finger represents body and soul that will always live together with his/her spouse.

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