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Meet Chinedu Ikedezie with his wife and lovely daughter(photos)

Born on December 12th, 1977 , Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian Movie Industry. 

The enigmatic actor broke into limelight along with his best Osita Iheme popularly known as Pawpaw in the late 90s and dominanted the Bollywood with their comedy blockbuster for decades. 

Aki and Pawpaw cemented their place as comic actors who can function as kids and adults due to their short height.

However after enjoying must success in the movie industry, Aki decided its time to get married and he walked down alter with his wife in 2011, they also had their traditional wedding ceremony on 26 November 2011 in Isala Mbano city Imo State and they have been together since then.

His wife, Nneoma Nwaijah, is said to be a Fashion designer and has a big and expensive shop in Lagos, Nigeria. Although some people hinted that she married him because of his fame and wealth.

Aki and Nnena were reportedly blessed with a daughter in 2012 and she is now 8 years old .

Aki who is one of the stars in popular television series “The Johnson” is currently one of the richest & most influential actor in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.

Do you agree that Nnena wouldn’t have married him if not for the money?, let’s have your opinion.

2 replies on “Meet Chinedu Ikedezie with his wife and lovely daughter(photos)”

Even if wealth and fame was why she married him, she has given him want men wish for; a good wife, happy home and lovely kids. After all, who wishes to marry a poor man??


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