Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue

Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue

A petrol tanker allegedly belonging to NNPC, lost control and rammed into a hearse bus along Taraku Otipo way in Benue state yesterday October 16th. Jennifer Obasi who shared photos form the scene online, wrote

Double whala for dead body….
Yesterday again, NNPC tanker drive ran into an Ambulance carrying a body of Mr Eric ikechukwu Agbachi @ police check point Along Taraku otipo way ….
May the soul of Mr Eric ikechukwu Agbachi Rest in peace

Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue
Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue
Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue
Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue
Photos: Petrol tanker rams into hearse in Benue
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Odega Shawa reacts to xenophobia in SA by listing the top crimes committed in SA by South Africans that cannot be blamed on Nigerians

Odega Shawa reacts to xenophobia in SA by listing the top crimes committed in SA by South Africans that cannot be blamed on Nigerians

Nigerian writer, Odega Shawa, who lost someone close in the recent xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa, has addressed the xenophobia by listing the top crimes committed in South Africa by South Africans.

The Flowers in the Dream of a Mad Man author took to Facebook to oppose the argument from some South Africans that Nigerians are getting attacked because they commit crimes in South Africa and because they are taking their jobs.

He listed 11 shocking crimes committed in South Africa which cannot be blamed on Nigerians or other African Nationals. 

He ended his post by informing South Africans that other African nationals aren’t their problem.

His post got comments from Nigerians and South Africans alike.

South African Facebook user Relebohile Raqani shared the post and wrote: “This is the sad truth!”

Odega Shawa reacts to xenophobia in SA by listing the top crimes committed in SA by South Africans that cannot be blamed on Nigerians

Read Odega’s post below.


I lost someone close in the crazy xenophobia sweeping South Africa as we speak.

He was a small electronics gadget dealer.

I have had some dispiriting moments arguing with some folks from South Africa who seemed to find it very difficult defining what really xenophobia is. They really have no clue as to how NOT to be xenophobic.

I have some quite decent brothers and sisters from other mothers that are South Africans.

This post is for the crazy ones who are too stupid to know what the problem is – and those like these that set an innocent man on fire, another living human being, and watched him burn to death. The problem is not foreigners, you morons. The problem is that you are filled with hatred and bitter resentment. The problem is that you see no hope in your miserable existence and you are too much of a scum to realize that you need to get off your lazy butts and go to work, instead of lying around counting who is stealing your job in your town, as if you could do anything worthwhile if they gave you any job.

Blaming others for your own personal miserable life and collective social condition is xenophobia. Period. 

And here is a list of South Africa’s top 10 to show how crazy xenophobia actually is.

Now anybody can prove that all your problems are not caused by foreigners.

1. Sandile Mantsoe kidnapped, raped, murdered and burnt the body of his girlfriend, Karabo Mokoena. An investigating officer told TIMES LIVE that 60% of Karabo’s body parts were missing when her body was discovered, including her heart. I think Sandile ate his girlfriend. At least African immigrants in your sweet country haven’t started eating South Africans!

2. Mortimer Saunders is a South African child rapist, pedophile and murderer who kidnapped a 3 year old girl named Courtney Pieters. He raped the 3 year old, killed her and then fingered her dead body, according to court filings, before stuffing her in a trash bag to be dumped in the trash. CCTV caught him, which was how he got arrested. Nobody set him on fire alive.

3. Violent armed and crafty robbers: Welcome Marcus, 50, and Charles Anthony Scheepers, 54, attacked a Klerksdorp Nedbank branch and carted away R3 million. When arrested by police, who never seemed to do much of arresting when it comes to xenophobic scumbags, it was discovered one of the men only had R50,000 left of his share of the loot.

4. Ex president of South Africa Jacob Zuma (he of the 3 foreheads and numerous wives) allegedly stole millions of public money that would have helped some of his lunatic xenophobic citizens and stopped them from burning another human being alive because of their own pathetic and miserable life conditions. On the 16th of March 2018 it was confirmed by the director of public prosecutions that Zuma would face 18 charges of corruption, including more than 700 counts of fraud and money laundering. He is currently defending the charges, generating a slur of social media memes in the process, at the same time as fighting a new nickname: King of Corruption. He has also been accused of rape in the past.

5. In August 2018 a teenager (names withheld because he is a minor) responded to several charges of statutory rape, rape and human trafficking. With four other co-accused, this South African teenager allegedly imprisoned several girls and women in a brothel east of Johannesburg in Springs, including a 14 year old girl.

6. You should know Moses Sithole, probably the greatest crime ambassador of the dear sweet Rainbow Nation. He is the most nefarious and most evil serial killer to be associated with Africa anywhere on the continent. He confessed to the rape and murder of at least 38 women, the youngest being 18 and the oldest 45 years old. He usually strangles them with their underwear after raping them. It was so bad at a point that then President Mandela ( God bless the African Saint!!!) had to visit the scenes of Sithole’s crimes at Boksburg. Sithole was sentenced to a total of 2,410 years in prison, to serve at least 930 years before being eligible for parole. Nobody set him ablaze alive.

7. Meet the Hard Livings gang. A bunch of useless and evil low life human animals founded by two South Africans, the Staggie twin brothers: Rasheed and Rashaad. The gang rules Cape Town by night. And by day. Their members have been involved in both local and international organized crime activities. Their local expertise included drug running and trafficking, poaching, protection rackets and shebeening (provision of unlicensed drinking places). They have succeeded in turning downtown Cape Town to a hell on earth, all by themselves.

8. Name: Asande Baninzi
Curriculum Vitae: check below
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Serial killer, armed robber and rapist
He was convicted of 14 murders, 4 rapes and 2 armed robberies. He slaughtered a family of four living in Delft, in the Cape Flats and pleaded guilty to all charges during his trial. Didn’t bother defending shit. His crimepreneur partner, Mthutuzeli Nombewu (yes, guess it. Another South African) committed suicide to avoid arrest and jail.

9. The Sexy Boys is another South AFrican gang, this one was founded in Chestbut, Belhar area of Cape Town, known for drug running, racketeering and extortion of taxi drivers (probably they robbed and murdered the taxi driver the xenophobic scum are blaming on ‘foreigners’). Members have a reputation for brutality and murder. Their sexy is so obviously not the type you and I love.

10. On July 27 2012, 3 South African domestic workers murdered a couple that employed them, in a bid to tear the low lifes away from idleness and xenophobia. The three South African devils drowned the good couple’s 3 year old son in a tub of boiling water. The child had been forced to watch the violent and brutal gang rape of his mother and the shooting of his father  before the animals threw him into boiling water and cooked him alive. The family dog was ripped open and dumped on the front lawn.

BONUS: A South African all star crime dream team: Sifiso Mhlanga, Julius Gxowa, Thabo Maruping and their friends robbed and shot reggae musician LUCKY DUBE to death on October 18 2008. In court affidavit the drug infested crime squad revealed they robbed and shot Lucky Dube because they thought he was a Nigerian!

Xenophobia in South Africa has now become institutionalized, with a top law enforcement official openly and shamelessly complaining about how ‘foreigners’ take over local businesses, as if the South African government handed these businesses to these immigrants free of charge. The fact is these immigrants worked for these businesses while their South African mates sat around waiting for someone to give them a job.

If you listened to the xenophobic scum of South Africa you would think all the crime committed in South Africa were perpetrated by non South Africans.

Here is a message to the low life animals and neanderthals who enjoy setting fires and burning other human beings alive.

It is the job of law enforcement to identify and prosecute crime. If they are not doing their job they are to be held responsible. When they identify criminals or other offenders that are non South African citizens it is the job of your legal and judicial process to deport such individuals or groups.

Take off your moronic gold and silver tooth, go learn a skill and get engaged in some productive value chain – and stop looting other people’s sweat all in the name of hating foreigners. Smh.


Two BRT buses involved in head-on collision leaves many people injured in Ikorodu (Photos)

Two BRT buses involved in head-on collision leaves?many people injured in Ikorodu (Photos)

Two BRT buses were involved in a head-on collision early this morning at Asolo, Ikorodu road in Lagos.  

Although the casualty figures are yet to be confirmed, eyewitnesses said many who were injured have been taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The accident occurred on the BRT corridor and resulted in traffic gridlock as onlookers flooded the scene of the crash.  

Two BRT buses involved in head-on collision leaves?many people injured in Ikorodu (Photos)

This accident comes barely one week after several persons were injured after a trailer collided with a BRT vehicle in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Two BRT buses involved in head-on collision leaves?many people injured in Ikorodu (Photos)

13-year-old girl born out of incest impregnated by her father in Abia

13-year-old girl born out of incest impregnated by her father in Abia

Ugochukwu Nwonwu, a native of Umuokwenuta Isingwu in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, is currently on the run after he was discovered to have raped and impregnated his 13-year-old daughter.

Ugochukwu who is said to be in his thirties, was recently discovered to have put his 13-year-old daughter in the family way. What is most shocking is that the teenage girl is a product of an incestous relationship Ugochukwu had with his cousin many years ago.

Ugochukwu’s brother, Chukwunyere, who spoke with The Sun, said Ugochukwu had an affair with their cousin, the daughter of their father’s brother 16 years ago. The secret affair led to the birth of a set of twin girls. When their affair came to light, the couple insisted they were in love and must get married. This caused a serious fight in their family as everyone insisted it was a taboo in their culture. The lovers continued their affair and had another girl who Ugochukwu has gotten pregnant.

“The mother of the small girl is our sister, so, when my brother impregnated her some years back; the family said they cannot marry that it was abomination. But she eventually delivered twins; two girls, then we went and did some sacrifices to appease the land. My father was alive then. We did all the traditional rites. We didn’t know that he relocated the lady to Abuja and they continued their incestuous life until she became pregnant again and gave birth to another girl. The twins are 15 while the next one is 13,” Chukwunyere said

Ugochukwu was made to get married to another lady from the Orlu area of Imo State who had three children for him, two boys and a girl.

According to Chukwunyere, Ugochukwu recently travelled to Abuja and brought the young girl to come and stay with his family in the village on the pretence that she was on holiday. Little did people know, that he brought her so he can continue having sex with his own daughter.

Ugochukwu’s act of violation his own daughter came to light when his wife caught him pants down.

 “I’m not usually at home. So, what I will tell you is the one I know. One day, I returned from a burial in Akwa Ibom and my brother’s wife called me that she needed to see me. When I got to the house, I didn’t see her, it was my brother, her husband that I met. He told me that she had gone to their church, so when I called her, she asked that I should meet her there. When I got there, she now narrated this abominable story to me. In fact, I was totally devastated and didn’t waste time to rush to the home of our village Chairman and told him what I heard”he said

Chukwunyere said himself and the village Chairman accompanied by some members of his executive committee went to Sure Word International Church, near the popular former Crusader Secondary School, now Community Secondary School, Isingwu, to meet Ugochukwu’s wife where she repeated all that she told him initially.

When the young girl was asked what happened, she not only confirmed that her father had abused her sexually but even revealed that it was not his first time of raping her. According to the victim, her father started ‘touching and using’ her in Abuja when she was 10 years old. She disclosed that she had reported the violation to her mother who confronted her father when it started; the issue caused serious friction between them before they later settled it.

“She said that when he started doing it; she called her mother and said ‘I think you said this man is my father; look at what he’s doing to me’. Her mother had quarrel with the father then, but after a while, they settled. Since then, he had been abusing her sexually. So, some months back, he went and brought her to the village, according to him, for holiday. That was when it was discovered that he was sleeping with the small girl,” Chukwunyere said.

Her mother was then informed of the incident and she travelled down to Umuahia from her Abuja base, took the girl to a laboratory where result of pregnancy test conducted was positive.

Ugochukwu who fled the village immediately his evil act came to light, has been barnished for 10 years from the community.


Policeman dies 2 weeks to his wedding

Policeman dies 2 weeks to his wedding

42 year-old Lance Corporal James Yaw Appiah a.k.a “Antoa Cupers”, left his family heartbroken following news of his death which came two weeks to his wedding. 

The policeman attached to the police unit in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, Ghana, was found dead in his tent at a police duty point near the Bawku Government Hospital on the last day of a monthly rotational police operation that had sent him to the town.

His death came few hours after having a chat with his cousin and gospel musician Lady Prempeh. The deceased’s family however suspects that the police authorities are withholding the truth, as corpse of the deceased had bloody bruises to the right side of his face down to the shoulder, suggesting that he might have struggled with his assailant.

Head of the family, Nana Dr Kusi Appiah Osraman in an interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM saidd, “Police in the Upper East Region is being economical with the truth in the circumstances that led to the death of his nephew and suspects that they have a hand in the matter”.

“They are deliberately keeping the body at Bawku so that it would get rotten in order to conceal the evidence that could be adduced from the postmortem”, he said, accusing the Upper East Regional Police Commander, DCOP Ampofo Duku of conspiring to get his nephew killed, because he told me to “do whatever I want or please myself” when I threatened to make the matter public.”

He is reportedly survived by two kids from his previous relationship, and his fiancee he was to get married to. 


Three men arrested for killing aged couple in Ogun (photo)

Three men arrested for killing aged couple in Ogun (photo)

The Ogun state police command have arrested three men for allegedly killing an aged couple, James Olaosebikan, 72, and his wife, Esther, 68, at their Sagamu home on June 30th.

The state police command spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who paraded the suspects, Ibrahim Uthman, Aba Abdulkareem and Abdulhamid Ibrahim, said the men had gone into the house to rob. However the couple recognised them and in order to cover up their crime, the suspects hacked the aged couple to death, The incident was immediately reported to the police by the couple’s son, Joseph Olaosebikan.

“Upon the report, the Commissioner of Police, Bashir Makama, ordered the DPO of Sagamu Division, SP Okiki Agunbiade, to fish out the killers within the shortest possible time. The DPO and his men embarked on technical and forensic investigation of the case and their efforts yielded positive result with the arrest of three members of the gang.

They confessed being members of a robbery gang and that one of their colleagues, now at large, invited them for the purpose of robbing an old couple and a nearby shop. But on getting to the house, they discovered that the couple recognised one of them, hence they killed them”Oyeyemi said

The police spokesperson added that the state Commissioner of Police, CP Bashir Makama, has ordered the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) to take over the case for proper investigation.

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Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

A 14-year-old school boy, who had reportedly suffered bullying, lay down on tracks and was crushed to death by a train as classmates watched.

Sam Connor, a “bright and popular” pupil at Salesian School – a Roman Catholic comprehensive in Chertsey – died on Monday afternoon at Chertsey railway station, in Surrey.  He reportedly gave his school bag and mobile phone to a friend then slid off the platform and onto the tracks as horrified classmates watched a train kill him.

A passenger, known only as Lewis, 28, was travelling on the service from Chiswick and saw Sam get killed as the train came into the station.

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Lewis told Dailymail: “The train stopped very suddenly with only one carriage alongside the platform. I thought maybe one of the kids had dropped their phone as they were all looking down at the wheels of the carriage.

“We saw some of the girls starting to cry; we saw some of the boys leaning down, literally on their knees, calling down between the train and the tracks, calling ‘Sam, Sam’.”

“That’s when we realised something was wrong. There was a girl on phone, crying, trying to talk to the driver.”

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Lewis said when he realized they were from Salesian school he phoned the teachers to tell them what had happened. He added that the sight of the incident was so horrific that a student paremedic collapsed.

He said: “What was particularly harrowing was there was a student paramedic who passed through the train and down on the tracks to help the boy. When she got down there she collapsed and burst into tears – it was just the most harrowing thing.”

The owner of a convenience store close to the Connor family home spoke of his shock at the teenager’s death.

He described Sam as a “lovely, polite lad”, who would come into the shop with his brother.

He added: “He was always so polite and a really lovely lad. I just can’t believe what has happened.”

Sam’s friend Freddie-Joe Twine described Sam as one of the “nicest and charming” boys in their break-dancing class.

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Several parents at the school said Sam was being bullied. One mother said her two daughters had told her Sam was being picked on.

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Another mother said: “When I got the emails and texts from the school telling me what had happened I just burst into tears. I spoke with my daughters when they came home about what had happened. They said it was Sam and said everyone was talking about him being bullied. 

“If this is true there has to be an investigation. How bad can it be that a 14-year-old boy wants to take his own life. I just cannot comprehend what he must have been feeling.”

The family of Sam Connor have told of their devastation after their “sensitive little soul” lay down on tracks and was killed by a rush-hour train.

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Speaking to Daily Mail, Deborah Barrett, first wife of Sam’s father James, said: “It’s just so sad. It’s so awful, isn’t it? My three girls are Sam’s half sisters, they are all so upset.

“It’s horrible. You can’t imagine, can you? I’ve just spoken to my middle one and she said he just lay down on the tracks.

“He was a sensitive little soul, a cute little thing who was into gaming. He was funny and sarcastic with a great sense of humour.

“Although he was shy, we used to be able to make him laugh.”

Bullied schoolboy lay on tracks and was killed by train as 50 classmates watched

Deborah added: “This is so horrible for the family. They loved him, they were all quite close.

She continued: “There were six kids altogether, they are all quite close, the children, and Sam was the youngest.

“Sophie, my youngest daughter, rang me on Monday and told me what Sam had done, and said he’d been bullied at school. Then why weren’t the school doing anything? It doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s awful.”

But a school spokesman said they had “no record” of the boy being bullied and could make no further comment currently. 

In a statement the British Transport Police said: “Officers were called to Chertsey station at 4pm yesterday (July 15) following reports of a casualty on the tracks.

“Paramedics also attended but sadly a 14-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the scene. His family have been informed and are being supported by specially trained officers.

“The incident is not being treated as suspicious and a file will be prepared for the coroner.”

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Bandits surrender 216 rifles in Zamfara State

Bandits surrender 216 rifles in Zamfara State

216 rifles mostly AK-47 have been recovered by the Zamfara Government from bandits terrorizing residents.

In a statement by Yusuf Idris, Director-General, Press Affairs to Gov. Bello Matawalle on Sunday said the governor made the revelation when he received former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon at the Government House, Gusau on Saturday.  

The statement said that most of the weapons were voluntarily returned to the government by repentant bandits who surrendered to embrace peace while denouncing their bad ways. The governor described the elder statesman’s visit to the state as timely and sought for advice from the retired general on the best ways to end banditry in the state.

“Matawalle maintained that Nigeria now needs more of his personality with the current situation of banditry, kidnapping and other heinous crimes in order to advise current leaders in handling the terrible situation.

He further said that tapping from the wealth of Gowon’s experience as a former Army General and Head of State who fought for the corporate existence of the country will assist his administration positively on security intelligence and intervention. 

“On his government efforts to end the menace of armed banditry, the Governor informed the leader that his administration has adopted various methods that include reconciliation which have started to yield positive results as over 216 AK47 rifles have been surrendered to the authorities by surrendering bandits,” the statement said

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Breaking 4 ATMs on fire

No Fewer than Four Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) belonging to one the new generation banks was caught up on fire at the early hours of today. The incident took place just in front of the University of Calabar (UNICAL)were the ATMs are sited.

Although no life was lost but the incident brought forth fear into the mind of customers and passer-byes along the school gate.

Members of the police force and fight fighters were quick to to get to the scene as the fire outbreak was condoned. The cause of the fire is still unknown as all effort to speak to a staff of the affected bank proved abortive.


8 dies as seven vehicle collide each other

Not less than eight people passed on while 12 others sustained injuries on Wednesday in a different mishap including seven vehicles around Danco filling station on the Lagos-Ibadan turnpike.

Mr. Lenient Oladele, the Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Ogun, affirmed the occurrence  in Abeokuta on Thursday.

Oladele affirmed that the mishap, which happened around 7:56 p.m on the freeway, included a Toyota transport stamped LSR 560 XJ, Mazda transport checked XD 792 EZA , Toyota Sienna stamped ABC 512 ZV and Toyota Camry stamped APP 196 RQ.

Other vehicles were an Iveco tanker with enrollment number DED 776 XA, Daf tanker stamped APP 248 XT and Daf holder with enlistment number LND 04 XX.