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Update: South Africa grants landing permit to airline evacuating Nigerians

Update:?South Africa grants landing permit to airline evacuating Nigerians

South African authorities have granted landing permit to Air Peace Flight B777 to enable it to evacuate some 320 Nigerians fleeing from xenophobia in the country.

Nigeria’s Consul- General in Johannesburg, Godwin Adama, made the confirmation when he spoke against the background of a complaint by the Managing Director of Air Peace, Chief Allen Onyema.  

Onyema had said that the refusal of South Africa to grant the permit made it impossible for the flight to leave Lagos at 1a.m. for Johannesburg to convey the second batch of returnees. Adama however said the permit had been granted the airline and that the flight would be late in the night of Tuesday.

Adama said, “they want Nigerians to arrive during the week, they are taking-off from here midnight.  I do not know the exact time but they will be leaving (South Africa) midnight.

I do not know why they were denied the landing permit. I think it is an airline operational issue. They did not get it yesterday but they told me that it came late yesterday (Monday).

“It was weekend and they were going to get it this morning; the airline did not tell me it was deliberate, but they explained to me that they have gotten it. Our manifest arrived last night towards the close of work and they were to take-off 1a.m.

Nigerian time yesterday (Monday) but they did not because it was late. I have gotten it now so they will be able to make me know the time of their arrival here so that we can know when to take-off.”

Adama said buses provided to convey Nigerians wanting to return home were still at the mission premises and everyone was there.

“We are still really working on the number (320) to see how we can fill up the airline capacity with anyone that is readily available. We have more than enough, we are even trying to ensure that the aircraft is filled up that is why we are readily taking people who are on ground now.  

“We have more than enough to fill the aircraft, the delay has also helped us because as we call names to board we see some people cleared at the last minute.

The truth is they are people who have not been cleared, those who are ready to go are all here and we are trying to queue them up. We may not even be able to take all of them who are hopeful,” he added.

Adama said that the next batch of evacuation would be based on the Federal Government’s directives.

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Xenophobia:South Africans Begs Nigerians For Forgiveness

In protest to stop xenophobia. South Africans has agreed to stop attacks on Nigerians in their country.

Watch video below:

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South Africa may impose 10-year travel ban on evacuated Nigerians

South Africa may impose 10-year travel ban on evacuated Nigerians

The various obstacles reportedly imposed by the South African airport and immigration officials during the evacuation of the first batch of Nigerians that opted to leave the country over xenophobic attacks, seems to have a strategic end-game of a travel ban. 

MB reported earlier that the Air Peace Boeing 777 aircraft arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos at 9.34 pm as the 9am flight did not depart the OR Tambo International Airport until 4pm. 

It was learnt that the South African Foreign Affairs ministry saw the evacuation as “a yellow card to Nigeria-South Africa relations”, hence the imposition of a biometric capture of all returning individuals.

Some officials said that the biometric exercise which saw the cancellation of South African visas possessed by the Nigerians, was instituted to blacklist the evacuated Nigerians. 

An official told Punch, “When you are evacuating your citizens from a country, it is like sending a strong message to that country about your relations with them. No country would be happy with the evacuation of foreign nationals from its territory.

“South Africans were very strategic. We arrived at Joburg by 6.15 am. The intention was to leave by 9 am, but after clearing about 85 out of the 313 who were scheduled for airlifting, they insisted they should do biometric capture for those who were willing to leave.

“So, they had to come down from the plane and start the clearance process afresh. Now, there are reports that if they capture your biometrics and you leave, you won’t be allowed into South Africa again or you may be barred from visiting for at least 10 years.

“So, some Nigerians who planned to come to Nigeria to relax for some time and then go back eventually decided to stay back for fear of being barred from visiting South Africa, where they have investments and families.”

A Nigerian foreign affairs ministry disclosed that about 135 Nigerians decided to stay back following the new conditions imposed by the immigration authorities. 

He stated, “The immigration asked those who were travelling with children to present letters of consent from their spouses. If they didn’t have the consent letter, they would not allow the children to leave with the mother.

“Initially, it was 313 persons who were billed to come back with the flight, but 135 went back. They included those who were travelling with children without letters of consent and those who did not want to do the biometrics so that they wouldn’t be barred from returning to South Africa again.

On if the Nigerian authorities were informed of the rationale for the biometrics of the returnees, the official said; 

“There was no formal announcement to this effect, but there were reports that anyone who left may be barred from visiting South Africa for life or for at least 10 years.

“The credibility of the report was strengthened when the immigration officials were cancelling valid visas, as they were clearing those with valid travel documents.

“Even if you have one or two years visa, it was cancelled, and this means you have to apply afresh and it may be difficult for you to get the visa again. Nigerian officials were frustrated. The Minister of Foreign Affairs sent an official to represent him at the airport, but the person was not allowed access to the cargo wing for a long time.”

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#Xenophobia: Second batch of Nigerians to leave South Africa on September 14th

#Xenophobia: Second batch of Nigerians to?leave South Africa on September 14th

The next flight airlifting Nigerians who indicated interest to voluntarily leave South Africa would leave the country on Saturday, September 14th.  

The Nigerian government had ordered the immediate evacuation of Nigerians from South Africa following a renewed xenophobic attack in the country. Already, a batch of 187 Nigerians transported by Air Peace had arrived in the country on Wednesday night with the Nigerian government promising returnees stipends and entrepreneurship training.

Confirming the takeoff of the second batch from South Africa, Prince Ben Okoli, President of Nigerian Citizen Association, South Africa (NICASA) said collation of names is ongoing by the Nigerian embassy in South Africa.

“We are busy doing the collating of names of intending returnees for the next flight. Hopefully, according to the consul general, the next evacuation will be done on Saturday,” he said.

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Xenophobia: Allen Onyema Who Rescued Nigerians From SA

His words: “When I stepped inside the aircraft to welcome them, they mobbed me and started singing the Nigerian national anthem, there was nobody there singing about separation, they felt proud to be Nigerian, they rose in unison, that drew tears from me.I put together over N280 million in other to bring these people back, Air Peace decided to bring them free of charge, nobody paid us a dime, we decided to do it free of charge for our country and for our people.” – Allen Onyema, Chairman, Air Peace.

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Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians spotted heading to the airport for their flight back to Nigeria (Photos/Video)

Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians spotted heading to the airport for their flight back to Nigeria (Photos/Video)

The first batch of Nigerians that opted to leave South Africa over the xenophobic attacks against foreigners especially Nigerians, have been spotted leaving the Nigerian consulate in the country in a bus for their flight back to Nigeria. 

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday September 9,  called for the immediate voluntary evacuation of all Nigerians who want to return home. Presidential aide, Abike Dabiri-Erewa also confirmed that 640 Nigerians signed up to take the free flights from South Africa to Nigeria after the attacks. 

320 Nigerians are expected to arrive later in the day after boarding the 9a.m flight to Lagos. The second batch will be leaving on Thursday September 12. 

Here are photos and videos below; 

Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians spotted heading to the airport for their flight back to Nigeria (Photos/Video)
Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians spotted heading to the airport for their flight back to Nigeria (Photos/Video)
Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians spotted heading to the airport for their flight back to Nigeria (Photos/Video)
Xenophobia: 320 Nigerians spotted heading to the airport for their flight back to Nigeria (Photos/Video)
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South African government can’t prevent xenophobic violence, we are an angry nation – Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula

South African government can

Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, South Africa’s Defence Minister on Monday September 9 said the attacks against foreigners in South Africa was planned by criminals. 

Also commenting on the death of two people during a clash in Johannesburg CBD on Sunday September 8, Nosiviwe affirmed that the incident could have been avoided. 

She told eNCA: “People are saying it is xenophobic attacks (but) it is not the first time we have had them in the past. Here, we have criminals that have read the situation and are aware that we have challenges right now.

“We have talked on the issues of high rate of unemployment, of some foreign nationals who are not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner as we would expect, those breaking the bylaws of the country, and you now have criminal elements who have decided that we are going to use all of those things to find reasons to attack people. It is unfortunate and should not happen.

“The reality is that we need to have a serious dialogue about what is happening, we must take responsibility. The reality is that we are an angry nation and we must talk about it.

“Why are we an angry nation? Why are we so determined to collapse our project of nation building and social cohesion? We need to hold hands together between government and all state entities and the civil society and find solutions to what is happening.”

The Defence Minister further described South Africa as an angry nation and also insisted that the government can’t prevent the violence.

“The reality is that we have an angry nation. What’s happening can never be prevented by any government. This is well orchestrated by criminal elements. Nothing political whatsoever.

“People are saying some heads of state decided not to attend WEF; we should be talking about why this whole thing is coinciding with the World Economic Forum,” Mapisa-Nqakula said.

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Xenophobia: People protesting broke into my daughter’s shop and looted – Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Xenophobia:?People protesting broke?into my daughter

Yvonne Chaka Chaka, an internationally recognised South African singer, songwriter and actress has just reacted to the ongoing xenophobic attacks and protests in her country.

According to her, the protesters ‘all in the name of foreigners must leave SA,’ broke into her daughter’s shop and looted it dry.

Sharing photos from the scene on Instagram, she wrote, ‘I am dumbfounded, confused, frustrated and I’ve lost faith. People protesting broke into my daughter’s shop and looted. All in the name of foreigners must leave SA’.

No man is an island my fellow brothers and sisters we all need each other. Too much lawlessness. Mr President do something. Mr Cele do something. Girls are dying Children are dying women are dying. On the other hand we are fighting our African brothers What is this world coming to. Life has become so cheap no respect for life and for one another. God have mercy .

Xenophobia:?People protesting broke?into my daughter
Xenophobia:?People protesting broke?into my daughter
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Xenophobia:Air Peace To Evacuate Nigerians From South Africa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the Air Peace Airlines has volunteered to send an aircraft to South Africa from Friday, September 6, to evacuate Nigerians who wish to return to the country, free of charge.

According to a statement signed by the ministry’s spokesperson, Ferdinand Nwonye, the development follows the recent xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals, including Nigerians in South Africa.

The general public is hereby advised to inform their relatives in South Africa to take advantage of this laudable gesture.

Interested Nigerians are therefore advised to liaise with the High Commission of Nigeria in Pretoria and the Consulate General of Nigeria in Johannesburg for further necessary arrangement,” the statement read.

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Xenophobia: Teni Tried Making Peace With Song

One way or another, artistes, actors, politicians and almost everyone in Nigeria who has a voice or platform have called for peace to reign in the recent xenophobia crisis.

Teni with her lovely voice has asked those fuelling the killings and attacks to stop already, since we are all one people.


In other news Teni was featured on Phyno’s ”Ka Anyi Na Ayo” single, off his ”Deal With It” album and she killed the beat with all her vibe.